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Poster: deadpolitics Date: May 9, 2010 5:19pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Ned Lagin

I never really appreciated the significance of Lagin's contributions until reading all those interview bits you posted in the comment thread. Seems like he was bigger part of the scene then any of us imagined because we never even heard him playing other than on those Seastones from 74.

I can appreciate his sentiment on negative notes but that's all very esoteric and hard for us as listeners to value. It is strange that for a good deal of shows we are not hearing what the band heard... kind of a bummer actually, but oh well, that is what he wanted apparently. I guess he never wanted to be a rock star on stage with the Dead, but it seems like Jerry, Phil, and Pigpen really liked him and were inviting him into the fold.

The tangential discussion of the Family's reaction to "outsiders" such as Lagin and Saunders is quite interesting to me. It's disappointing that Garcia's friends would want to limit him by pushing these people away, but at at the same time the Family had been around for the whole time, helping to "keep the mother running" and they were worried that the thing they had dedicated their lives to was in danger of changing in a non-commercial direction that would no longer be able to support them after their years of dedication.